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Swing Weight/MOI Adjustment

Swing weight is how heavy a club feels when you swing it. It is not the total weight of the three components that make up the club, but rather the dynamic feel of them. It is affected by the weights of the club head, shaft, grip , and the length of the shaft.

A swing weight that is incorrect can lead to greater inconsistency and off-center strikes. A correct swing weight leads to consistent accurate strikes swing after swing. A simple decrease in shaft length by 1/2" can change swing weight by up to 3 points. We understand how important these small changes are to your golf game and club performance.

MOI (Moment of Inertia) is another way to swing weight a club. By using MOI clubs can be accurately matched throughout the set. With MOI we are able to build off the MOI of your favorite club. Wedges, woods, and irons should have their own MOI. This will give you a consistent sense of feel within wedges, woods, and irons.

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