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About Us

We are a family business that started out just playing golf for the love of the game. I picked up the game from my father to spend time together as I had gotten older. Being a former college athlete, I became ultra-competitive and walked away from the game in 2001. In 2017 I had a heart attack and the doctor told me to get plenty of exercise, so after a sixteen-year break, I got heavy into golf again.

My wife and I along with our children all play golf and after daily range sessions, thousands of balls, and two rounds every weekend, my new high dollar clubs started coming apart. Using my college background, I had to figure out why. I started doing the research as to what the professionals do to their clubs, and I could improve my game other than practice all the time. So, with that I got into club building. I worked with my clubs, continued to do research, and learn new building techniques. As I experimented with my own sets of clubs, I found that with great attention to detail, superior workmanship, and all the building techniques I had learned I could build a great golf club.  I purchased the equipment to build the clubs correctly instead of how they came out of the factory. I started building and re-working clubs for friends and family, and they have seen a major difference in their play.

What started out as a hobby in our garage has now swelled into a dedicated shop and lots of equipment (no longer in our garage).   We have been in business for a few years now and continue to grow. To this day we provide the same great attention to detail and superior workmanship that started all of this in every club we touch. With many happy clients already, we welcome you to give us a try! If you are a returning client thank you for coming back to us again! We look forward to helping get your game in shape for the season! Thank you!  

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