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Loose Head/Ferrule

There is nothing worse than to have a great round going and as you make your club selection for the next shot you see that the ferrule has moved and now there is a gap between it and the clubhead. You quickly inspect it and make sure the clubhead has not twisted on the shaft. You hit your shot and as you do the clubhead comes of the shaft. Now that club is done for this round.

What caused that you wonder? The answer is a breakdown of the bonding agent between the shaft and the clubhead. This can be and usually is caused by temperature changes that the clubs go through as our temperatures go from below freezing to 70 or 80 degrees with high humidity, and those clubs have been in the trunk of your car exposed to all of it, or you play twice a year and the rest of the time your clubs are down in the basement or out in the garage and time has taken its toll on the bonding agent.

The good news is we can fix it and if there is no damage to the shaft, we can have that club back in play for you in no time

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